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  • Playing, Learning and Growing Together
  • Daily Mind Promote Child and Parent's Well-being
  • Best Toys, Educational Material and Resources for Children and Families.

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List of 30 Creative Kids Activities Ideas to Entertained

List of 30 Creative Kids Activities Ideas to Entertained

Kids are the best part of our lives. We love them and cherish most of our times with them. It's hard to keep children entertained all the time. Kids love to play and enjoy fun activities with friends, family and their toys. 


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Here, we have listed some exciting ideas to keep kids of all ages engaged creatively.


Idea #1. Storytelling to kids: 

Helps in building confidence. Kids love listening to stories. You can use storytelling to teach them how to tell the story to describe how special they are or to lead a life lesson. You can also use song to make the story more interesting. 


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Idea #2. Make an indoor playground: 

You can make the kids' bedroom into a venue for fun activities. It will keep the kids busy in their room, enjoy their toys, and help them think out of the box from another perspective.


Idea #3. Teaching practical learning: 

You can encourage your child by teaching them valuable skills like counting and telling time or writing letters. 


Idea #4. Take Fresh Air: 

You can go out for a walk or a bike ride with your kids, or you can take them to a park to do some outdoor activities. 


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Idea #5 Exploring new things and new places: 

Like a new corner of the house, or how works a machine that you usually have at home.


Idea #6 Play a new family game:

To make sure your kid will get engaged with the game, go to the store and choose the game together, which interests the kids and you. So all the family can enjoy. 


Idea #7 Are you bored of the classic painting? 

Why don't you have a fun painting experience? Get some paints and brushes and have the kids paint something they love. You can ask them to paint the favourite character or anything that they like. 


Idea #8 Have a family talent show: 

With your kids' help, you can plan a show that will be fun to watch and will help your child discover their talent in a safe place. After practice, you can organise a concert with family and friends.


Idea #9 Create a treasure hunts: 

 It is fun to help the kids participate in creating one. You could hide a small toy and make the whole family hide it somewhere. Help the kids find it. 


Idea #10 Creative colouring sessions: 

Colouring books are a perfect way to relax and spend time with them. While colouring, you could encourage them to unleash their creativity by playing with colour, painting and making crafts.


Idea #11 Plan a party: 

Kids love to organise a party to celebrate their birthday. They have the most fun at parties. You can make this event fun for the kids and surprise them with party games and gifts. 


Idea #12 Dress up:

Kids like to dress up in different costumes. They love to play all sorts of games with masks and wigs. It's an excellent way to keep them busy. You can make a game of it with them. 


Idea #13 Breakfast buffet: 

Kids love to get breakfast in a restaurant or café with their friends. You can arrange it so that they are not bored for too long and enjoy it to the fullest. 


Idea #14 Play board games together: 

it can be a lot of fun. Board games are another option for them. All the games like Monopoly, Scrabble, chess, and others are perfect for them. 


Idea #15 Build something: 

What is better than building something with your kids? They love it, and you can also teach them the science behind what they are making. 

Creator: picjumbo_com | Source: Pixabay


Idea #16 Give them money to spend: 

They will love to feel free a little bit and buy something for themselves that they can choose.


Idea #17 A fun version of chores: 

Kids love to do things with their family and try to do a monotonous duty differently in different ways.


Idea #18 Ask them to read a book to you: 

You can also read them a book and enjoy a nice gentle moment together.


Idea #19 Stone craft: 

Create something beautiful by using stones. You can also make something like a desk, table or maybe a tiny house.


Idea #20 Spend some time together: 

If your kids love playing games, you can give them all the things they need to play, and they could even play in different ways.


Idea #21 Make a Cake: 

Cake is a tasty way to celebrate any occasion in the house. Kids love to bake on their own. You can help them and have fun with delicious cakes together.


Idea #22 Create by yourself: 

Kids will love to learn how to do things with their own hands.


Idea #23 Shaving cream art: 

Painting with shaving cream is an enjoyable activity for kids.


Idea #24 Have a family playdate: 

This activity will bring the family closer and help them interact.


Idea #25 Have fun with food: 

Kids love making new creative things with food. It can be a great way to spend some time. For example, you can make pancakes, waffles, or cookies together. You can choose a recipe that is suitable for the kids and have fun. 


Idea #26 Learn to make sweets: 

It's always fun when you learn to make something with your own hands and then enjoy it.


Idea #27 Organised craft time: 

Give the kids some tasks, and they will also organise themselves.

Creator: suju-foto | Source: Pixabay


Idea #28 Go out for a walk: 

Kids love to go out for walks with their parents. They definitely will love it. You can take them to the park or go for a ride on a bike.


Idea #29 Hide and seek: 

This is a game that brings a lot of fun.


Idea #30 Have a movie night: 

You can spend time watching movies together. You could create a movie snack bar to make it even more fun.



Kids are the ones who make us laugh, and we offer opportunities to let them play happily. It will help them to develop a good friendship and strengthen their bonds with other kids. They will develop new skills, and this will help them to grow as children.


Extra Tip: You can print this list, and they can choose their activity.


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