Handmade Sensory Wooden Car - Daily Mind Handmade Sensory Wooden Car - Daily Mind
Daily Mind Handmade Sensory Wooden Car
This  Handmade Sensory Wooden Red Car comes with 2 pieces in one so the child can play taking away the window and put it again inside the car. A very simple toy to play and secure for a baby and still use it when your child grows. A perfect quality gift and a must to have in any playroom. Handmade Sensory Wooden Car Specification: Colour: Red 17.5 *10*5.6 cm Material: Beech Wood Qty: 1 Car
Soft Animal: Donald - Daily Mind Soft Animal: Donald - Daily Mind
The School of Life Soft Animal: Donald
A handcrafted teddy bear doll, designed by Donna Wilson, and inspired by the psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott. Donald is a soft toy designed to offer comfort to adults,  children alike and children. Each Donald has been lovingly embroidered and assembled by hand in East London, making each one individual. He was created in collaboration with designer Donna Wilson.Donna Wilson set up her company in 2003 after making odd knitted creatures for her final show at the Royal College of Art. The creatures sold out and since then she has built her business designing and making a collection of curious cushions, luxurious lambswool blankets, and a variety of products for you and your home.Donna says:"It was a wonderful commission to work with The School of Life on a transitional toy. My own teddy bear was my most treasured possession when I was little, and I loved the idea of creating this symbolic object for adults or children. Donald is no ordinary teddy bear; he has a lot of character in his embroidered face and looks like he’d keep all your secrets! He’s made from the softest lambswool and has cosy knitted shorts to make him stand out from the crowd." The English psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott was the first person to write seriously and with sensitivity about the business of teddy bears. In a paper from the early 1960s, Winnicott described a boy of six – whose parents had been deeply abusive to him – becoming very connected to a small animal his grandmother had given him. Every night, he would have a dialogue with the animal, would hug him close to his chest and shed a few tears into his stained and greying soft fur. It was his most precious possession, for which he would have given up everything else. As the boy summarised the situation to Winnicott: ‘No one else can understand me like bunny can.’ Winnicott knew that mental well-being depends on having to hand a repertoire of more gentle, forgiving and hopeful inner voices. To keep going, there are moments when one side of the mind needs to say to the other that the criticism is enough: that it understands, that this could happen to anyone, that one could not have known… It is this kind of indispensable benevolent voice that the child first starts to rehearse and exercise with the help of a stuffed animal. If our development has gone well, what was trialled in the presence of a stuffed animal should continue all of our lives. Every healthy adult should possess a capacity for self-nurture: that is, for retreating to a safe secluded space and speaking in a tone that’s gentle, encouraging and infinitely forgiving. We should honour stuffed animals for what they really are: tools to help us on our first steps in the vital business of knowing how to look after ourselves. 32cm tall soft lambs wool toy | Assembled by hand in London | Supporting booklet
Floor Cushion Apricot- 100% Cotton - Daily Mind Floor Cushion Apricot- 100% Cotton - Daily Mind
Kids Concept Floor Cushion Apricot- 100% Cotton
Cosy floor-pillow for our tents or for the pillow fort. Favourite for put inside the tent Product Details The product is not flame retardant because the chemicals included in the treatment are not approved according to the “REACH” legislation. Color Apricot Length in cm 100 Width in cm 100 Height in cm 15 Material 100% Cotton/100% Polyester By Kids Concept