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Our community for parent | Daily Minders | is coming soon. Being a parent and care for a child is one of the most challenging jobs. Daily Minders emerge with the primary purpose to support parents and carers who want to improve their lives and enhance their skills to provide a healthier and sharper environment for their children and themselves.
The Daily Minders is an online community that helps us ease the world for us all with children close by offering assets, information, activities, tips, and unique resources to enhance our and children's daily lives. A safe space to grow and share a lot of aspects of the parenting journey.
The Daily Minders is not just about tips and tricks but is on parenting principles that are important in raising happy, healthy and mindful children. We want to build a community of happy, healthy, conscious parents who can raise their children in the ways they know best.
Our community will have three main pillars: parenting best practices, educational content, facts and research about childhood to provide well-rounded guidance for our community.
The Daily Minders will offer support, perspective, and knowledge to parents in most areas such as:
- Family life tips.
- Good habits for parents and children.
- Strategies beneficial for kids and parents.
- A private group for parents to share knowledge, wisdom and support.
- A lot of more in progress (coming soon).

We look forward to you joining us soon!

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Good luck, Mariela Casanova