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Mariela Casanova, Daily Mind's Founder, is a proud Latina woman, an Entrepreneur, NHS Worker, Marketer and Content Creator. She is also an advocate for healthy living, a mother, best friend and a partner.
The Idea of Daily Mind came during her work experience at a children's mental health facility. Through this work, she realised the vital role parents, caregivers, and professionals play in supporting children's development and future well-being.
Creative, tenacious and hard-working woman knew that she always wanted to provide meaning to others through her career but wasn't sure what, when and how she will do it.
As a woman in today's society juggling our goals with raising a child, she learned to don't take the family quality time and mental wellness for granted. We live in an inner-active world that gives us a sense of urgency about life, leading us to "always wanting more", sacrificing to be present for our loved ones and even our wellness.
When Mariela decided to jump to entrepreneurship and leave the security of a permanent job, she was grappling with fears and self-doubt. Still, her wish to be present for her daughter and family and her own well-being overcome all her first obstacles.
The journey has been a roller-coaster. It's been the longest, exciting, painful and most self-explorative ride ever. But overall very exciting, professionally and personally freeing one. Mariela believe that balance is the key to a happy, realised and fulfilled life.
Born and raised in the Dominican Republic, she graduated with her Marketing Degree in 2005; she flew to Europe to complete her Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and Master's in Integral Communication (MIC).
Mariela still occasionally works as a healthcare assistant in the local children hospital, manages her projects, and successfully fulfils her goal to be present for her family. Mariela is base in the United Kingdom with her family. Know all her Projects.