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Wooden Furniture & Doll for Doll House - Complete Set

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With the Furniture & Doll Set for Doll House, you will offer the perfect toy for children to engage long hours playing, at home, playroom, school or party decoration. This Set includes six wooden Furniture spaces of the house: Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bathroom, Bedroom and Kids Room and six Wooden Dolls House, each one representing a family member: mother, father, grandmother, grandfather, girl and boy. 

The Wooden Furniture & Wooden Dolls is an educational toy aimed at children aged 3 to 7 yrs approximately. They are made from natural wood and sensitive materials to be handled safely for the small hand of children.


You'll love this versatile little Wooden Doll & Furniture that not necessarily need to be used within a doll house as could be used as an addition to a playroom over a rug or mat play even over a simple towel. This toy is easy to tidy up in a box or bag of toys.

Each furniture area comes with a different setup. Beginners will find them easy to recognise for which area belongs all the Mini Furniture and all the pieces also can be mixed and then will be up to the creativity and imagination of every child.

The Wooden Furniture and Doll collection are perfect as a teaching resource to introduce to your child topics about family values, decoration, organisation of spaces, friendship, normal routine in the house and family household and other topics that can be explored with an imaginative and creative play through interactive play and role play.

If you want to choose individually the wooden furniture and the wooden dolls instead of all set, please follow these link: Wooden Furniture  & Doll House to Buy Individually

Kitchen Doll House Furniture

Living Room Doll House Furniture

Dining Room Doll House Furniture

Bathroom Doll House Furniture

Bedroom Doll House Furniture

Kids Room Doll House Furniture

Wooden Doll House Family Members