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Philosophical Questions for Curious Minds

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Puzzles and Ideas To Help Young Minds Grow

Children are born philosophers but in order to fully bring out the best of their thinking, it helps to equip them with the largest and most thought-expanding questions.

This is a pack of the very sharpest, based on the biggest conundrums of philosophy, and is guaranteed to generate lively, warm and fascinating conversations among families and friends. No prior knowledge is required; all that counts is a spirit of curiosity.

The pack includes questions like: Is it ever right to lie? When might freedom not be a good thing? What's the difference between living and being alive? How does money make you happy and when doesn't it?

With these questions to hand, conversation will forever be profound and entertaining, and minds young and old will have a crash course in the joys and adventures of philosophy.

The cards cover five categories:

  • What Is Right and Wrong?
  • What Is Real?
  • What Is Society?
  • Is There a God?
  • What Is the Meaning of Life?

Questions cover topics such as:

  • Can you make a case for why it is okay to eat some animals (like cows, pigs and lambs) and not others (like dogs, cat or goldfish)?

  • Imagine that you and your best friend swapped brains: your brain was inserted into their body, and their brain was inserted into yours. Which person would be you - the one with your brain in their body, or their brain in yours? Or would it be neither? Or both?

  • Should people be allowed to keep all the money they can earn? Or should they be made to give some money away to help others? Explain why?

Philosophical Questions for Curious Minds Details: 52 Cards | 129mm x 90mm x 24mm | Instruction card included | Ideal for Ages 8+