What Daily Mind stand for?

We understand the childhood is very worth to protect.

Daly Mind's believe in a positive childhood brings better outcomes in the adulthood.

Support families and children, guard a healthy future and a better society.

We acknowledge parenthood it is an amazing and demanding role and should have resources and help to do it the best possible.

We believed that Introducing wellbeing can help to build resilience, will allow children and adults to develop and mastery the continue growing in life providing a sense of personal pride and self-worth.

Our Story

Daily Mind was born in 2019 as an online community offering mindful toys, educational resources, and growth products for all the family.

Daily Mind's mission:

Every child grows in a healthy environment with the necessary tools and opportunities to grow and thrive in life.

Every parent or carer can raise children without experience hardship, staying in control of their parenting abilities by knowing more about themselves, childhood, parenthood and self-reflection.

Create guides, articles, educational resources and content about mental health and behaviours and how they impact and shape our lives in the way we perceive and experience our childhood, developing resources and education for the community to benefit children and family's wellbeing.

Daily Mind's Resources aim to facilitate a child's development to a full scope, including those life skills that will encourage resilience and mentally robustness to succeed over their life span.
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