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  • Educational Resources for all Ages
  • Special Gift for orders over £100
  • We deliver all UK. Coming soon Worldwide
  • Educational Resources for all Ages

About Us

Welcome to Daily Mind 

Where we believe that the first steps on the path to success are taken in infancy. We offer:

- Educational Resources

- Educational Toys

-Support & Resources for all Ages.

We are aware of the very critical role that a child’s first years play in the development of his or her personality.
We realise that the seeds of healthy behaviour and social interactions can never be planted too early.

Wellbeing for Life

Health & Well-being from an Early Age

Our Values

Our motivation lies in our core values of:

Who is behind Daily Mind?

Mariela Casanova, owner of Daily Mind, is a Latin woman living in the United Kingdom. A proud, successful mother who is dedicated to offering our new generation the best start in life. A dreamer, full of passion and an energetic entrepreneur committed to developing this project worldwide and becoming an authority to support Children and Families Well-being. 

Born and raised in Dominican Republic, Mariela has always been passionate about finding out how people behave the way they do. When traveling in other Countries, she has met many different people and now has a range of points of views about Society, beliefs and the behaviours of human beings. 

After graduating with her Marketing degree in 2005, she flew to Europe to complete her Master's in Business Administration (MBA) and Master's in Integral Communication. Mariela knew she wanted to do more than work for a big corporation, but she was still discovering her purpose in life and accumulating a variety of rich experiences. 

So in 2015, she moved from Spain to the United Kingdom and started to look for a new style of job, more related to working with people rather than a computer/desk job.

In 2017 she became a proud mother of a little girl named “Alicia” and started to work for the NHS in a Mental Health Facility for Children and Young People. These two meaningful, life changing experiences led her to work on an ambitious and essential project to prevent and support mental health issues in any person. 

The idea was born by working with the well-being of children and families, that planting the seeds of mental well-being from an early age is a necessity in any society. Finding and creating tools to introduce positive habits, self-awareness and a strong mindset to continue with throughout their life.

In 2019, Mariela opened the doors of Daily Mind to give this message to our society - to families, schools and other organizations that support and work with children. Daily Mind aims to equip children with knowledge and resources from an early age to help them develop a strong and positive mindset so they can live the most fulfilled life possible.

Daily Mind offers resources for 0 to 99 years old. As the African proverb says “It takes a village to raise a child” So we will support that village!