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  • Buy Original Gifts for Family & Friends
  • Use BLACKFRIDAY10 for 10% OFF until 2nd Dec.
  • Educational Resources & Toys for all Ages

Philosophical Questions for Curious Minds

Puzzles and Ideas To Help Young Minds Grow

Children are born philosophers – but in order to fully bring out the best of their thinking, it helps to equip them with the largest and most thought-expanding questions. This cards guaranteed to generate lively, warm and fascinating conversations among families and friends. No prior knowledge is required; all that counts is a spirit of curiosity. The cards cover five categories: 1. What Is Right and Wrong? 2. What Is Real? 3. What Is Society? 4. Is There a God? 5. What Is the Meaning of Life?...

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Where we believe that the first steps on the path to success are taken in infancy.


Caro's Montessori Childminder

I have bought some toys on line. They are absolutely amazing. My daughter was really happy with them. The quality of material is really good so I know they will last a long time. I personally love the range of Montessori materials. Also the products for older children, specially those that help them with feelings .

Ximena Bleaney

I recently ordered the affirmations cards from Daily Mind, I have to say I am very happy with the product. My child chooses one or two cards every morning and during the day she remembers what "star she is" ei. "I am a talented star" etc...such a positive way for children to boost self love and self confidence!

Bright Little Minds

 I bought the "Understanding feelings pack" (they are 13 clear acetate facial expressions) which I will be using with my own child and my students to help them express and understand their emotions and also do so in a different language ( Spanish).

Thank you Daily Mind for a great service and your wonderful resources!

 Be part of our Community: We invite you to join us on a journey of learning and self discovery as we attempt to unpack the myths, facts and fiction surrounding one of the most delicate subjects in the human experience.  Relax, sign up and enjoy! Let us share subjects and resources  related to parenting, childhood, emotions, and  well-being, all backed up by experts, research and the experience of other parents as you and me.   

At Daily Mind "We strive to spread positivity and confidence among children, a marvellous clean slate, and eagerness to learn and understand the world around them"


Where are you located?

Daily Mind is based in the United Kingdom. In the Dorset Coast around beautiful beach and gardens in the beautiful city of Bournemouth.

Do you have any Retail Location to Visit?

Our Store offer Online Educational Supplies but if you are local in our city you are more than welcome to visit our cozy office/show room. Let us know!

How long take to received my order In the United Kingdom?

Our  delivery time is between 3 to 5 working days. If for any reason take more we will let you know.

What are you return policy?

We hope you will love Daily Mind’s products as much as we do, however, if you wish to return or exchange an item that you purchase on our website, you have 30 days after the purchase date. Know more in Shipping & Return

Do you ship worldwide?

No yet but very soon! We are setting up all the rates behinds the scene. Please Join to our Newsletter and we will let you know when will be ready.

Where I can ask more questions?

Please contact us in any of our channels, social media, email, Q&A  in any product directly or in our chat in our homepage.

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Daily Mind is a small family business. Every time you choose to support a small store, you boost the local economy directly, in secret, you also make someone behind the scene make a happy dance. At Daily Mind, we are passionate to improve family well-being through mindful and handpicked products.