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Wooden Doll House - Six Family Members

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The Wooden Dolls for Doll House are created to help children with their own developmental stages through play. They are not just toys, they are tools for helping children develop the skills they need to communicate, learn and make friends. They are a great way to foster creativity, imagination, and social skills through play.

Mini dolls are a great way to introduce kids to the ideas of the family values and this mindful toy offer the possibility to use it as role play to explain family situations. as each doll represents a family member.
The Wooden Doll for Doll House is made of quality, environmentally friendly wood, and they're safe for children's play. They're light and easy to hold, making them a perfect toy for children of all ages. Children will learn about caring for others through their interactions with the Wooden Doll House.
The Wooden Doll - Family Member could be as well a perfect gift for children in the autistic spectrum, any children (and adults!) can enjoy playing with wooden dolls. 
The dolls are designed to be a secure but playful environment that allows children with autism or other communication challenges to explore their world. The family members are ready to live in the doll house or just be part of your family, playroom and play on the floor and let creativity run wild.


A set of six small Wooden Dolls will include the following: 1) Dad 2) Mum 3) Grandad l4) Grandmother  5) Girl  6) Boy. Material is made of wood. Dimensions are: 12 x5 cm